At Beth Adam, we take a BOLD approach to Judaism. We are bringing that BOLDNESS to our newly redesigned religious school known as Our Village. This isn’t the run-of-the-mill religious school, but an innovative strategy grounded in cutting edge education theory.

And while we will be breaking new ground in Jewish education, all students in our program will know from the moment they enter that they are “known and loved” (as Tony Jarvis former headmaster of Roxbury Latin used to say).  We, the rabbis, teachers, volunteers and staff, will be thoroughly invested in each and every child who participates in this program.

At Our Village, we are preparing our students to be kind, confident, collaborative, critical thinkers for the twenty-first century. They will be encouraged to be change-makers and social justice advocates. Through the lens of Jewish history, thought, and practice, students will learn skills that will enable them to be successful in the wider world in which they live.

Students will have a variety of educational opportunities that will help them to grow intellectually, emotionally and creatively. They will move through different spaces dedicated to different skills and activities. In the course of a morning they may go to one or more of these spaces:

Wellness and Reflective Learning Space - Here children, teachers and parents will engage with selves and others through yoga, meditation and reflective practices such as journaling and conversation.

The Big Bang Creativity Center– This space focuses on creativity and multiple intelligences.

Hear Our Story - A language and cultural laboratory experience, where children, teachers and parents can explore Israel, Modern Hebrew and Yiddish through story, performance and immersive learning.

Innovation and Imagination Center - Here children and adults will create collaborative art installations expressing what they are learning about such topics as Sukkot and its related themes; The Season of Light (Hanukkah) and other topics.

Our Village is breaking new ground in what Jewish education can and should be. You and your children will find the experience powerful and moving. The lessons learned and skills developed will last a lifetime. But truth be told, words cannot capture the experience that students will have at Our Village.

If you want to learn more about Our Village please contact our congregational office.