Shabbat Services

Beth Adam offers two different Shabbat experiences, usually alternating week to week. For example, if there is a Streaming Shabbat Service there will not be a Zoom Shabbat Service. Please check the calendar for details.


Streaming Shabbat Service @ 7:00PM Friday.  This service, which lasts about 30 minutes, is led by Rabbi Robert Barr and consists of a few short Shabbat readings and a conversation.  Rabbi Barr is always excited to have other rabbis, clergy, and educators participating in services with him. If you can't watch the service at 7:00PM, it is available in the archives.  To watch the service live or in the archives click here - Streaming Shabbat Service.  If you participate live, you can "chat" with others who are also attending services.




Hybrid Shabbat Service @ 7:00PM Friday.  This is an interactive service led by Rabbi Barr or Rabbi Burstein.  You can attend this service either in person or via zoom.  The service last about 40 minutes and consists of Shabbat readings and a conversation among those who present. This is a wonderful opportunity to maintain or make new friendships.

Members of Beth Adam can find a link to this service by going to the members only tab on the website and then click on online activities.  For those individuals who are not members, please contact the congregational office to get the necessary link.