About Us

Congregation Beth Adam was established in 1980 in response to the needs of a contemporary and diverse Jewish community. Dedicated to the celebration of Jewish holidays and life cycle events, Beth Adam approaches Judaism from a humanistic perspective. As a congregation we affirm a moral commitment to human dignity and ethical behavior. We encourage each member to explore their Jewish heritage with an open mind and a willingness to take personal responsibility in determining their life course.

Beth Adam provides Jewish experiences through religious services, educational programs for children and adults, Bar/ Bat Mitzvah classes and services, social activities, and community social action programs.

Strengthened by our 40 year history, Congregation Beth Adam values on-going growth and change. Members, long-standing and new, bring to the congregation ideas, involvement, and energy that guide Beth Adam’s present and future. At Beth Adam we do more than just remember the past – we are building the future.

Our educational programs are first-class, with one of the finest fully inclusive religious schools in our city, and a robust adult education program. Our goal is to provide for a lifetime of Jewish learning. We also host a sizable library and media center, wherein our members may check out materials at no charge.