Legacy Gifts


Congregation Beth Adam celebrates the ever-evolving Jewish experience that values bold ideas, intellectual inquiry, and creative engagement. Responding to the diverse needs of a changing Jewish community, Beth Adam values open-mindedness and supports each member’s religious and spiritual journey through our unique liturgy. Beth Adam gives voice to a religious perspective which appreciates that the origin of authority rests with each individual. Our congregation is a home to those who find that a blending of Jewish tradition and humanistic principles speaks to their identity. Beth Adam, which means “house of people,” lives up to its name. People who are single, married, young, old, straight, gay, intra-faith, inter-faith, raised Jewish, and Jews by choice call Beth Adam their community.


Our unique message has spread well beyond the walls of our sanctuary. Beth Adam’s liturgy and religious philosophy are known worldwide. Being at the forefront of creating a hybrid model of bricks-and-mortar and online engagement, Beth Adam’s message is reaching more people than ever.


Our legacy donors are people, like you, who have found their spiritual home in our forward-thinking and inclusive “house of people.” Your legacy gift allows us to meet the opportunities of today and tomorrow with a sense of the past and a strong commitment to the future. By making such a gift, you will become a member of Beth Adam’s Dor L’Dor Legacy Circle.


Create Your Jewish Legacy (CYJL) is a community-wide initiative to increase endowments to agencies and congregations throughout the Cincinnati Jewish community. It will raise awareness about the importance of bequests and other planned gifts and educate community members about the ease with which they can create a legacy gift plan.