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mp3 itunes April 5, 2011  -  My Dog Ate My Homework
Rabbi Barr reevaluates this classic excuse in light of new informatio

mp3 itunes March 29, 2011  -  Do Atheists Have Less Affairs Than Believers?
A comment by a “relationship expert” got Rabbi Barr thinking about belief and human behavior.

mp3 itunes March 22, 2011  -  Dinner Conversation and God
Rabbi Barr discusses God over dinner.

mp3 itunes March 15, 2011  -  God, Earthquake and Beck
Rabbi Barr comments on those who see in natural events the “anger of God.”

mp3 itunes March 8, 2011  -  Tribe Fest
Rabbi Barr describes his recent participation at Tribe Fest.

mp3 itunes March 1, 2011  -  Eve and the Current Budget Crisis
Rabbi Barr observes that women often have to bear a greater burden then men.

mp3 itunes February 22, 2011  -  Freedom’s the Problem
Rabbi Barr comments on a recent article which says Reform Judaism is faltering because of freedom.

mp3 itunes February 15, 2011  -  Judaism in Crisis
Rabbi Barr comments on a recent article that addresses the decline in synagogue membership.

mp3 itunes February 8, 2011  -  Time to Take Down the Ten Commandments
Rabbi Barr comments on the ruling that the Ten Commandments, posted by a judge in his courtroom, needed to be taken down.

mp3 itunes February 1, 2011  -  Life on Other Planets
Rabbi Barr ponders the implications for religion and philosophy if life is found on another planet.

mp3 itunes January 25, 2011  -  The King’s Speech
Rabbi Barr wonders why The King’s Speech was rated R.

mp3 itunes January 18, 2011  -  Reflections on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Rabbi Barr wonders about moral leadership today.

mp3 itunes January 11, 2011  -  Who's To Blame?
Rabbi Barr talks about the recent shooting in Arizona.

mp3 itunes January 4, 2011  -  Valentine’s Day Already?
Rabbi Barr talks about a recent trip to the grocery store.

mp3 itunes December 28, 2010  -  New Year's Eve - 2010
Rabbi Barr considers how different people experience the "dropping of the ball."

mp3 itunes December 21, 2010  -  A Rabbi's Reflection on Christmas
Rabbi Barr offers observations about shopping the weekend before Christmas.

mp3 itunes December 14, 2010  -  Noah, The Ark, and Wine Bars
Rabbi Barr discucsses the "Creation Museum’s" new venture Ark Encounter – a replica of Noah’s Ark.

mp3 itunes December 7, 2010  -  Is the Bible the Solution?
Rabbi Barr addresses politicians who turn to the Bible for the solution to modern problems.

mp3 itunes November 30, 2010  -  Hanukkah and Christmas - Too Far Apart
Rabbi Barr comments on that fact that Hanukkah and Christmas are not in sync this year.

mp3 itunes November 23, 2010  -  My New Glasses
Rabbi Barr draws some lessons from how people are responding to his new glasses.

mp3 itunes November 16, 2010  -  Thanksgiving and Thankfulness
Rabbi Barr describes an encounter he had which prompted him to think about thankfulness.

mp3 itunes November 9, 2010  -  Halloween Isn’t Over Yet!
Rabbi Barr reflects on the demonic nature of Halloween and its candy!

mp3 itunes November 2, 2010  -  My Prediction – Election 2010
Rabbi Barr is thinking about professions where predictions don’t have to be right.

mp3 itunes October 26, 2010  -  The Dalai Lama and Laughter
The Dalai Lama’s contagious laugh got Rabbi Barr to remember an event from his childhood.

mp3 itunes October 19, 2010  -  A Community Mikvah?
Rabbi Barr tries to understand what a mikvah (ritual bath) for the entire Jewish community means.

mp3 itunes October 12, 2010  -  Knocking on Earth’s Door
Rabbi Barr reflects on a recent conference that asked the question – what would happen if aliens came to earth?

mp3 itunes October 5, 2010  -  Life Well Lived
Rabbi Barr consider what it means to live a life with intent and purpose.

mp3 itunes September 28, 2010  -  God and the Wedding
Rabbi Barr comments on an article by Dasee Berkowitz, lifecycle consultant, the says a wedding ceremony requires God to be Jewish.

mp3 itunes September 21, 2010  -  Diva is the New Bitch
Rabbi Barr talks about the challenges of addressing sexism today.

mp3 itunes September 14, 2010  -  Burning the Quran and The Binding of Isaac
Rabbi Barr explores what the recent proposed Quran Burning and the Binding of Isaac have in common.

mp3 itunes September 7, 2010  -  Coping with Illness
Rabbi Barr reflects on Christopher Hitchens’ article about facing illness, belief, and the arrival of the New Year.

mp3 itunes August 31, 2010  -  Online at Beth Adam and the Theory of Relativity
Rabbi Barr invites his listeners to join him and Rabbi Laura Baum for the High Holidays at

mp3 itunes August 24, 2010  -
Rabbi Barr talks about endorsing a candidate at

mp3 itunes August 17, 2010  -  Gingrich Owes Us An Apology
Rabbi Barr comments on Newt Gingrich's recent outrageous statements about the mosque proposed for lower Manhattan

mp3 itunes August 10, 2010  -  An Act of God
Rabbi Barr talks about lighting strikes and if the contain some hidden meaning.

mp3 itunes August 3, 2010  -  Chelsea and Marc’s Wedding
Rabbi Barr offers his thoughts about Chelsea Clinton’s marriage to Marc Mezvinsky.

mp3 itunes July 27, 2010  -  Congratulations Rabbi Baum
Rabbi Barr talks about Rabbi Laura Baum being named as 1 of the 50 most important female rabbis.

mp3 itunes July 20, 2010  -  A Belated Father’s Day
Rabbi Barr reflects on Father’s Day and his dad.

mp3 itunes July 13, 2010  -  Do You Speak English?
Rabbi Barr laments his inability to speak a foriegn language.

mp3 itunes July 6, 2010  -  World Cup Experience
Rabbi Barr talks about World Cup Fever that is gripping nations around the world.

mp3 itunes June 29, 2010  -  Sacred Ground
In honor of July 4th, Rabbi Barr describes walking in the American Military Cemetery in Luxembourg
Photos to accompany this podcast are here.

mp3 itunes June 22, 2010  -  Can You Give Me Directions?
Rabbi Barr examines why it took so long for Moses to lead the Children of Israel to the Promised Land.

mp3 itunes June 15, 2010  -  Just One More Step
Rabbi Robert Barr reflects on the lessons about life he learned at a High Ropes Course.

mp3 itunes June 8, 2010  -  My Bags are Packed
Beginning his summer travels, Rabbi Barr talks about packing, trips and expectations. As a note for the next several weeks Rabbi Barr will be producing his podcasts while on the road thus quality will be a bit different.

mp3 itunes June 1, 2010  -  Religious Attacks Continue
Rabbi Barr comments on another attack by ultra-Orthodox Jews on non-Orthodox Jews and the issue that underlies these attacks.

mp3 itunes May 25, 2010  -  Tefillin Assault – Part II
Rabbi Barr expands his comments regarding the attack on Noa Raz and asks why so many aren’t willing to speak out against any religion that denies women full and equal rights.

mp3 itunes May 19, 2010  -  Tefillin Assault – Part I
Rabbi Barr condemns the attack against Noa Raz for wearing tefillin and examines the values that create the environment in which such an attack can occur.

mp3 itunes May 11, 2010  -  Hypocrisy and Religion
Rabbi Barr comments on the revelation about Rev. Rekers and how it reflects on those who promote religious beliefs they don’t live by.

mp3 itunes May 11, 2010  -  Cleavage that Rocked the World – NOT!
Rabbi Barr comments on the recent experiment entitled – Boobquake.

mp3 itunes April 27, 2010  -  Cleavage or Bust
Rabbi Barr comments on the Lane Bryant lingerie ads that were rejected by the TV networks.

mp3 itunes April 20, 2010  -  Limbaugh, Beck and God
Rabbi Barr discusses Rush Limbaugh’s recent comments about the volcano in Iceland.

mp3 itunes April 14, 2010  -  Women and Money
Rabbi Barr explores whether or not women in key leadership roles could have help to avert the recent financial meltdown.

mp3 itunes April 6, 2010  -  Urology and Health-care Reform
Rabbi Barr talks about the patient – doctor relationship.

mp3 itunes March 31, 2010  -  Our Interfaith Trip to Israel
Rabbi Barr reflects on responses to his recent interfaith trip to Israel.

mp3 itunes March 23, 2010  -  Climate Change and the Anti-Evolution Movement
Rabbi Barr explores why some in the anti-evolution movement deny global climate change.

mp3 itunes March 16, 2010  -  Jewish Identity
Rabbi Barr discusses the Jewish Agency’s decision to focus on peoplehood.

mp3 itunes March 9, 2010  -  I’m Embarrassed – I Didn’t Know
Rabbi Barr admits he didn’t know about International Women’s Day

mp3 itunes March 3, 2010  -  The Olympics Are Over
Rabbi Barr reflects on how quickly the Olympics seemed to be over

mp3 itunes February 22, 2010  -  Shabbat Across America/Canada
Rabbi Barr comments on Shabbat Across America/Canada 2010

mp3 itunes February 16, 2010  -  Kosher Food and Jewish Retirement Communities
Rabbi Barr comments on a recent decision regarding serving kosher food at some Jewish retirement communities.

mp3 itunes February 9, 2010  -  Football, Ads, and Political Debate
Rabbi Barr discusses the Super Bowl, the Tebow Ad, and what purports to be political discussion in our nation.

mp3 itunes February 2, 2010  -  Evolution Weekend
Rabbi Barr discusses why there is a need for Evolution Weekend.

mp3 itunes January 26, 2010  -  Avatar: The Controversy
Rabbi Barr comments on concerns about the 3D blockbuster – Avatar.

mp3 itunes January 19, 2010  -  Earthquakes, Karma, and Guns
Rabbi Barr examines how religion is often misused and abused.

mp3 itunes January 12, 2010  -  Women and Religion
Rabbi Barr expands upon Nicholas Kristof’s Op-Ed piece about women and religion.

mp3 itunes January 5, 2010  -  Good News - Bad News
Rabbi Barr discusses predictions that the world is going to end in 2012.

mp3 itunes December 29, 2009  -  New Year's Resolutions
Rabbi Barr reflects on his New Year’s resolution.

mp3 itunes December 22, 2009  -  Tiger, Elin, and the Nature of Marriage
Rabbi Barr has one more thought about the recent scandal surround Tiger Woods.

mp3 itunes December 15, 2009  -  Tiger, Brian and Sarah
Rabbi Barr reflects what should and shouldn’t be shocking.

mp3 itunes December 8, 2009  -  Tiger Woods – An American Icon?
Rabbi Barr comments on the controversy that is swirling around Tiger Woods.

mp3 itunes December 2, 2009  -  Gate Crashers, Balloon Boy, and Reality TV
Rabbi Barr offers his thoughts about reality TV.

mp3 itunes November 24, 2009  -  The Offensive Billboard - Part 2
Rabbi Barr has a few more thoughts about the “offensive billboard.”

mp3 itunes November 17, 2009  -  The Offensive Billboard
Rabbi Barr discuss a billboard that stirred a local controversy.

mp3 itunes November 10, 2009  -  Who is a Jew?
Rabbi Barr discusses an issues which continues to swirl within the Jewish community – Who is a Jew?

mp3 itunes November 3, 2009  -  If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done
Rabbi Barr talks about Michael Steinhardt’s recent comments about the institutional Jewish community.

mp3 itunes October 27, 2009  -  Don’t Think of an Elephant
Rabbi Barr talks about liberal Judaism and authenticity.

mp3 itunes October 21, 2009  -  Religion and Sports Don’t Mix
Rabbi Barr comments on a recent article that talks about how evangelicals are using sports to promote religion.

mp3 itunes October 13, 2009  -  Perspective
Rabbi Barr reflects on the old adage – don’t judge another until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

mp3 itunes October 7, 2009  -  Gandhi, Plastic Novelties and Fountain Pens
Rabbi Barr discusses his thoughts about a fountain pen honoring Gandhi.

mp3 itunes September 30, 2009  -  Yom Kippur Apology
Rabbi Barr explores the experience of Yom Kippur online.

mp3 itunes September 22, 2009  -  Why Two Days of Rosh Hashanah?
Rabbi Barr explains why some congregations observe two days of Rosh Hashanah and why at Beth Adam we don’t?

mp3 itunes September 16, 2009  -  Sounding the Shofar on the Sabbath
While some congregations won’t sound the shofar this year, Rabbi Barr explains why at Beth Adam it will be.

mp3 itunes September 8, 2009  -  Rambo Rabbis
Rabbi Barr reflects on a new security protocol for synagogues.

mp3 itunes September 2, 2009  -  Climbing That Slippery Hill
Rabbi Barr reflects on Ted Kennedy, Jr.'s Eulogy for his father.

mp3 itunes August 25, 2009  -  The Start of School
Rabbi Barr reflects on the start of the school year.

mp3 itunes August 19, 2009  -  The Swine Flu Epidemic
Rabbi Barr discusses how some in Israel are trying to protect against the Swine Flu.

mp3 itunes August 11, 2009  -  The Lone Red Shoe
Rabbi Barr objects to the use of the term Nazi to demonize those on the other side of a political debate.

mp3 itunes August 4, 2009  -  A 21st Century Shabbat
Rabbi Barr discusses participating in the first TwitCam Shabbat.

mp3 itunes July 28, 2009  -  Jimmy Carter Leaves the Southern Baptist Convention
Rabbi Barr comments on President Carter’s decision to leave the SBC because of its position on women.

mp3 itunes July 21, 2009  -  Going to the Moon
Rabbi Barr reflects on President Kennedy’s call to land a man on the moon.

mp3 itunes July 15, 2009  -  Myth or Truth?
Rabbi Barr asks the question - can myths be true?

mp3 itunes July 8, 2009  -  Carpe Diem
Rabbi Barr reflects on the phrase “carpe diem” as he celebrates another birthday.

mp3 itunes June 30, 2009  -  Hiking the Appalachian Trail
Rabbi Barr discusses Governor Sanford’s use of the Bible as part of his apology.

mp3 itunes June 24, 2009  -  Hell – o
Rabbi Barr explores what he thought was an urban legend - the rejection of hello because it contains the word hell.

mp3 itunes June 16, 2009  -  Feel the Hate
Rabbi Barr expresses his outrage over a disturbing video circulating on the Internet, entitled Feel the Hate, of American Jewish students in Israel speaking out against President Obama.

mp3 itunes June 10, 2009  -  The Chabad Controversy
Rabbi Barr offers his thoughts on the controversy surrounding an essay written by a Chabad rabbi that was published in Moment Magazine.

mp3 itunes June 2, 2009  -  The Last Survivor
Rabbi Barr reflects on the death of the last survivor of the Titanic.

mp3 itunes May 26, 2009  -  Shavuot 101
Rabbi Barr talks about what modern Jews can learn from the myth of Moses on Mt. Sinai.

mp3 itunes May 19, 2009  -  The Miss California Controversy
Rabbi Barr felt compelled to speak about the recent controversy surrounding Miss California.

mp3 itunes May 12, 2009  -  Beth Adam 101
Rabbi Barr discusses a common misunderstanding about Beth Adam.

mp3 itunes May 5, 2009  -  A Conversation with My Rabbi
Rabbi Barr recounts the conversation he had with his rabbi about becoming a rabbi.

mp3 itunes April 29, 2009  -  The Economic Crisis Hits Judaism
Rabbi Barr reflects on how the economy is impacting major Jewish institutions.

mp3 itunes April 21, 2009  -  The Susan Boyle Story
Rabbi Barr draws insights from the success of Susan Boyle, international Internet signing star.

mp3 itunes April 14, 2009  -  It’s Time for a Change
Rabbi Barr comments on what he sees as an infatuation with traditional religious thought.

mp3 itunes April 7, 2009  -  Blessing of the Sun
Rabbi Barr comments on a holiday that occurs only once every 28 years.

mp3 itunes April 7, 2009  -  The Unconventional Seder
Rabbi Barr comments on an adult unconventional Seder.

mp3 itunes March 31, 2009  -  Is the Exodus True?
Rabbi Barr talks about a controversy that was ignited when Rabbi David Wolpe gave a sermon about Passover.

mp3 itunes March 25, 2009  -  Religion in America
Rabbi Barr offers his thoughts about a recent survey about religious identification.

mp3 itunes March 17, 2009  -  He Who Controls the Past
Rabbi Barr explores Orwell’s famous quote that those who control the past control the future.

mp3 itunes March 10, 2009  -  Purim: Is it True
Rabbi Barr discusses why rabbis seem more comfortable with myth than fact.

mp3 itunes March 3, 2009  -  Dothan’s Dilemma
Rabbi Barr discusses one Jewish congregation’s response to shrinking membership.

mp3 itunes February 24, 2009  -  A Belated Birthday Tribute to Darwin
Darwin’s Theory of Evolution transformed the world, Rabbi Barr reflects on its implication for religion.

mp3 itunes February 17, 2009  -  Executive Pay
Rabbi Barr comments on the recent controversy limiting executive pay.

mp3 itunes February 10, 2009  -  Ethics Considered – Part II
Rabbi Barr continues his observations about ethics and how every person has a choice.

mp3 itunes February 4, 2009  -  Ethics Considered – Part I
Rabbi Barr reflects the implications of a society where ethics are ignored.

mp3 itunes January 28, 2009  -  The Pope and the Internet
Rabbi Barr discusses the Pope’s decision to use Youtube.

mp3 itunes January 20, 2009  -  Obama and the Anointed Door
Rabbi Barr comments on the anointing of a door that President Elect Obama will pass through on the way to his inauguration.

mp3 itunes January 13, 2009  -  Joe’s 15 Minutes of Fame
Rabbi Barr comments on Joe the Plumber becoming a war correspondent reporting on the war in Gaza.

mp3 itunes January 6, 2009  -  New Year’s Resolutions
Rabbi Barr reflects on his New Year’s Resolutions.

mp3 itunes December 30, 2008  -  The Madoff Scandal
Rabbi Barr looks at the larger consequences of the Madoff Scandal.

mp3 itunes December 23, 2008  -  Rick Warren and the Presidential Inauguration
Rabbi Barr speaks about Rev. Warren giving the invocation at the presidential inauguration.

mp3 itunes December 16, 2008  -  The Grinch that Stole Hanukkah
Rabbi Barr explores the clash between religious myth and historical reality.

mp3 itunes December 9, 2008  -  The Name I Was Called
Rabbi Barr is still trying to understand the name he was called.

mp3 itunes December 2, 2008  -  Hanukkah and Christmas – What Card Should I Send?
Rabbi Barr looks at Hanukkah and Christmas from a fresh perspective.

mp3 itunes November 26, 2008  -  The Jarring Billboard
Rabbi Barr reflects on how some seek to impose their religious beliefs on others.

mp3 itunes November 18, 2008  -  A Left Handed Thanksgiving
Rabbi Barr is delighted that a left hander was elected president and is wondering where will he sit for Thanksgiving?

mp3 itunes November 12, 2008  -  Presidential Election – 2008
Rabbi Barr reflects on this historic election.

mp3 itunes November 4, 2008  -  Religion and Politics Don’t Mix
As this political season winds down, Rabbi Barr comments on the use of religion as a way to marginalize and divide.

mp3 itunes October 28, 2008  -  Halloween, Jews and the Devil
Rabbi Barr answers the age old question, is it ok for Jews to celebrate Halloween?

mp3 itunes October 21, 2008  -  Noah – A New Look
With recent reports of impending extinction for many animals, Rabbi Barr reflects on the Biblical myth of Noah.

mp3 itunes October 14, 2008  -  My God’s Stronger than Yours
Presidential politics and religion continues give Rabbi Barr pause.

mp3 itunes October 7, 2008  -  Congress, the Economic Bailout, and Rosh Hashanah
Like so many others, Rabbi Barr is riveted by the current economic crisis and has some thoughts.

mp3 itunes September 29, 2008  -  Pulpit Freedom Sunday
Rabbi Barr has some thoughts about clergy and their responsibilities during this presidential election season.

mp3 itunes September 23, 2008  -  The Arrival of Fall
With the arrival of fall, Rabbi Barr turns his thoughts to his High Holiday sermons.

mp3 itunes September 16, 2008  -  Procrastination and the Internet
Rabbi Barr reflects on trying to get his High Holiday Sermons written on time.

mp3 itunes September 9, 2008  -  The Republican Convention and Hurricane Gustav
The notion that meteorological events are signs from God has Rabbi Barr reflecting on the recent Republican Convention.

mp3 itunes September 2, 2008  -  A Mother’s Decision
The recent revelation that Gov. Palin’s teenage daughter is pregnant raised questions for Rabbi Barr.

mp3 itunes August 26, 2008  -  Practical Jokes and the Democratic Convention
Robert Barr observes how practical jokes are part of our American culture.

mp3 itunes August 19, 2008  -  Phelps and Einstein an Unlikely Pair
Michael Phelps’ victories in the pool had Robert Barr thinking about the nature of time.

mp3 itunes August 12, 2008  -  Can a cross not be a cross?
A ruling in a Utah court regarding the cross has Rabbi Barr perplexed.

mp3 itunes August 6, 2008  -  Warning: Gas and Religion Don’t Mix
Rabbi Barr comments on the latest suggestion to bring down the price of gas.

mp3 itunes July 29, 2008  -  My Facebook Page
Establishing his Facebook Page, Rabbi Barr faced an existential issue.

mp3 itunes July 22, 2008  -  The Bumper Sticker: An American Tradition
With all of his summer driving, Rabbi Barr has been reading lots of bumper stickers and has some thoughts.

mp3 itunes July 15, 2008  -  The Giraffes are Back
The giraffes are back in Cincinnati but all is not good for these magnificent creatures.

mp3 itunes July 8, 2008  -  Faith Based Initiative – Good or Bad?
Rabbi Barr offers his opinion about Barak Obama’s plan for faith based initiatives.

mp3 itunes July 1, 2008  -  In Search of a CD Player
Rabbi Barr’s search for a CD player forced him to recognize how rapidly technology was changing.

mp3 itunes June 24, 2008  -  Tim Russert’s Death – A Rabbi Reflects
Rabbi Barr explores the media’s response to Tim Russert’s sudden death.

mp3 itunes June 20, 2008  -  Keeping Kosher
Rabbi Barr comments about the misconceptions about keeping kosher.

mp3 itunes June 11, 2008  -  There They Go Again
Creationist are once more trying to undermine science education in America and Rabbi Barr has a few thoughts.

mp3 itunes June 4, 2008  -  Sharon Stone and Bad Karma
Sharon Stone’s comment about karma and earthquakes caught Rabbi Barr’s attention.

mp3 itunes May 27, 2008  -  John McCain and his pastor problems
Many politicians seeks the endorsement of religious leaders, Rabbi Barr reflects on what he sees as a misguided practice.

mp3 itunes May 20, 2008  -  That Bob Barr
Rabbi Barr comments on the fact that another Bob Barr is trying to run for President.

mp3 itunes May 14, 2008  -  Israel at 60
Rabbi Robert Barr reflects on his first time in Israel. The essay he is writing was published in A Dream of Zion published by Jewish Lights.

mp3 itunes May 7, 2008  -  Jewish Fundamentalism and the Rebbe
A full page ad in the New York Times explaining how Jews can bring on the Messiah has gotten Rabbi Barr talking.

mp3 itunes April 29, 2008  -  Closed for Shabbat
Rabbi Barr is still stewing over the decision of a Jewish housing organization to close for Shabbat after a major fire.

mp3 itunes April 22, 2008  -  My Father Kept Kosher for Passover – Once!
Rabbi Barr talks about the year his father kept kosher for Passover.

mp3 itunes April 15, 2008  -  My Mother is Homeless
A fire in a senior living center and the response of its staff has Rabbi Barr frustrated.

mp3 itunes April 8, 2008  -  Shabbat and the Internet
A recent disclaimer on an e-mail started Rabbi Barr thinking about Shabbat and the Internet.

mp3 itunes April 1, 2008  -  With Friends Like This…
An ad in the New York Times prompted Rabbi Barr’s to reflect on the old adage – with friends like this who needs enemies.

mp3 itunes March 25, 2008  -  Religion and Politics
Recently, Rev. Wright’s sermons has created problems for Senator Obama – Rabbi Barr reflects on that controversy.

mp3 itunes March 20, 2008  -  Faith Day and the Cincinnati Reds
Do religion and baseball belong together – Rabbi Barr considers this question.

mp3 itunes March 12, 2008  -  The Grand Canyon – How Old Did You Say?
Reading an article about revising the age of the Grand Canyon, got Robert Barr wondering.

mp3 itunes March 5, 2008  -  Civil Discourse and Bill Cunningham
Senator McCain denounced the remarks of a conservative shock jock. Rabbi Barr has some observations.

mp3 itunes February 26, 2008  -  God and Sex Toys
Rabbi Barr reflects on a “sin free” adult sex store.

mp3 itunes February 19, 2008  -  Tornadoes and God – Part II
Rabbi Barr continues his theological exploration.

mp3 itunes February 13, 2008  -  Tornadoes, God, and Mark Twain
Rabbi Barr explores the theological questions raised by the devastation of recent winter tornadoes.

mp3 itunes February 5, 2008  -  Abortion and the Bible
Rabbi Barr explores what the Bible really says about abortion.

mp3 itunes January 29, 2008  -  To or Not To – That is the Question
This week the question of circumcision is on Rabbi Barr’s mind.

mp3 itunes January 22, 2008  -  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - 2008
Rabbi Barr reflects upon King’s legacy and others felled by an assassin’s bullet.

mp3 itunes January 15, 2008  -  Huckabee, Clinton, and the Submissive Wife
Rabbi Barr comments on men, women, and marriage.

mp3 itunes January 8, 2008  -  Coach of the Year
Rabbi Barr reflects on sports, ethics, and religion.

mp3 itunes January 3, 2008  -  Happy New Year
Rabbi Barr reflects on how he’s been wished a happy New Year.

mp3 itunes December 18, 2007  -  Mike Huckabee’s Secret Weapon
Rabbi Barr discusses how Mike Huckabee was able to surge in the polls.

mp3 itunes December 11, 2007  -  Romney is no Kennedy
Rabbi Barr compares Mitt Romney’s recent speech on religion to that of John Kennedy’s.

mp3 itunes December 4, 2007  -  Happy Hanukkah – Part II
Rabbi Barr offers his observation about Hanukkah and modern life.

mp3 itunes November 27, 2007  -  Happy Hanukkah – Part I
Rabbi Barr offers some thoughts about the “miracle” of the oil.

mp3 itunes November 20, 2007  -  Creation Museum – Revisited – Part II
Rabbi Barr discusses what he calls the Creationist’s Paradox.

mp3 itunes November 13, 2007  -  The Creation Museum Revisited
More of Rabbi Barr’s thoughts about the Creation Museum

mp3 itunes November 6, 2007  -  Daylight Saving Time - A Rabbi's Lament
Rabbi Barr confesses his sadness as Daylight Saving Time reverts to Standard Time.

mp3 itunes October 31, 2007  -  The Fires in California
Watching the fires in California, prompted Rabbi Barr to reflect on what he would take if ever evacuated.

mp3 itunes October 23, 2007  -  The World Series and other Life Lessons
Not known as a baseball fan, Rabbi Barr reflects on what he’s learned from the game.

mp3 itunes October 16, 2007  -  Ann Coulter – Part II
There she goes again spewing insults and Rabbi Barr responds.

mp3 itunes October 9, 2007  -  Ann Coulter on God, Religion, and Politics
Rabbi Barr responds to Ann Coulter’s recent observation about who she would vote for to be our next President.

mp3 itunes October 2, 2007  -  The Real Origins of Sukkot
Rabbi Barr answers the age old question – what does the lulav symbolize?

mp3 itunes September 25, 2007  -  Beth Adam and the new Reform Prayerbook
Commenting on an article about the new Reform Prayerbook, Rabbi Barr discusses Beth Adam’s approach to liturgy.

mp3 itunes September 18, 2007  -  Turn Off Your Cell Phones
Rabbi Barr comments on how a ringing cell phone and other intrusions can disrupt a service.

mp3 itunes September 11, 2007  -  The Binding of Isaac – Revised
Rabbi Barr presents his views on the Binding of Isaac – a troubling Biblical myth.

mp3 itunes September 4, 2007  -  Morning News and American Culture
Rabbi Barr reflects on a recent comment by a morning reporter.

mp3 itunes August 28, 2007  -  Judaism – Religion or Culture?
A new charter school opening in Florida started Rabbi Barr thinking about the nature of Jewish identity.

mp3 itunes August 21, 2007  -  Christmas in August
Rabbi Barr observes that the Christmas Controversy is starting early this year.

mp3 itunes August 14, 2007  -  High Holidays – Early or Late?
Rabbi Barr addresses that most Jewish of questions – are the holidays early or late this year?

mp3 itunes August 7, 2007  -  The Jewish Future
Rabbi Robert Barr comments on a recent conference about the Jewish future.

mp3 itunes July 31, 2007  -  Dr. Jonathan Sarna’s observation about Rabbi Sherwin Wine
Dr. Sarna’s observation about Rabbi Sherwin Wine prompted Robert Barr to respond.

mp3 itunes July 24, 2007  -  Remembering Rabbi Sherwin Wine
Rabbi Robert Barr remembers Rabbi Sherwin Wine who was killed in a car crash this weekend while traveling in Morocco.

mp3 itunes July 17, 2007  -  Sacred Part III
This is the 3rd and final commentary by Rabbi Robert Barr about exhibit SACRED mounted by the British Library.

mp3 itunes July 11, 2007  -  Sacred Part II
Rabbi Barr continues his reflections on Sacred, an exhibition at the British LIbrary, that he saw on his visit to London.

mp3 itunes July 5, 2007  -  Sacred Part I
Rabbi Barr comments on an exhibition of Sacred texts he recently saw.

mp3 itunes June 26, 2007  -  Creation Museum Part II
Further reflections by Rabbi Robert Barr on the new Creation Museum in northern Kentucky.

mp3 itunes June 19, 2007  -  Creation Museum Part I
Rabbi Robert Barr reflects on the new Creation Museum in northern Kentucky.

mp3 itunes June 13, 2007  -  Religion and Presidential Politics
Listening to the current crop of presidential candidates, Robert Barr has noticed that there is lots of talk about religion.

mp3 itunes June 5, 2007  -  Remembering Jerry Falwell – Part III
This is the last in the series of Rabbi Barr’s thoughts about the legacy of Jerry Falwell.

mp3 itunes May 29, 2007  -  Remembering Jerry Falwell – Part II
This is the 2nd part in Rabbi Barr’s look at Jerry Falwell’s legacy.

mp3 itunes May 22, 2007  -  Remembering Jerry Falwell – Part I
Rabbi Barr in the multipart series, discusses the impact of Jerry Falwell.

mp3 itunes May 15, 2007  -  Remembering Mother’s Day – Past and Present
As he stood over the barbeque on Mother’s Day, Robert Barr began to think changes that have taken place in marriage and motherhood.

mp3 itunes May 8, 2007  -  Remembering Barbaro and the Right to Die
Watching the Kentucky Derby prompted Robert Barr to remember Barbaro and consider that we often treat animals more humanely than we treat humans.

mp3 itunes May 1, 2007  -  Sex, Lies, and America as Usual
Two recent scandals got Robert Barr thinking about ethics in America

mp3 itunes April 24, 2007  -  The Global Warming Debate?
Rabbi Robert B. Barr ponders what the debate about global warming is really about.

mp3 itunes April 17, 2007  -  Don Imus, Talk Radio, and America
The controversy surrounding Don Imus reflects how important talk radio has become in our nation. Robert Barr wonders why?

mp3 itunes April 10, 2007  -  The Role of the Rabbi – Not Really
Rabbi Barr comments on an article that is entitled the Role of the Rabbi but really prompts a particular view of Judaism.

mp3 itunes April 3, 2007  -  The Passover Seder
Rabbi Barr reflects on the message of the Passover Seder.

mp3 itunes March 27, 2007  -  The Real History of Passover - Part II
In the second of a multi-part series on Passover, Rabbi Barr explores the question of why the slaves were eating matzah before they left Egypt.

mp3 itunes March 20, 2007  -  The Real History of Passover - Part I
In the first of a multi-part series on Passover, Rabbi Barr explores the question of why the slaves were eating matzah before they left Egypt.

mp3 itunes March 13, 2007  -  Sticks and Stones
Ann Coulter's recent slur against John Edwards causes Rabbi Barr to reflect on a childhood lesson.

mp3 itunes March 6, 2007  -  Scrotum and Common Sense - Part II
The Scrotum controversy continues, not only among children's librarians, but now on iTunes. Rabbi Barr gives voice his surprise.

mp3 itunes February 27, 2007  -  Scrotum, Children's Literature, and Common Sense
Rabbi Barr looks at the current controversy surrounding Susan Patron's book The Higher Power of Lucky.

mp3 itunes February 20, 2007  -  Grammar, Creationism, and the Bible
Rabbi Barr believes that an old joke has something to teach us about understanding the Bible.

mp3 itunes February 13, 2007  -  God, Disneyworld, and the SuperBowl
Coach Tony Dungy's comments following this year's SuperBowl reminded Rabbi Barr of a phone call he received many years ago.

mp3 itunes February 6, 2007  -  Valentine's Day and the Jewish Child
With February 14th rapidly approaching, Rabbi Barr felt compelled to answer the question that plagues many Jewish parents at this time of year - Is it ok for my children to celebrate Valentine's Day?

mp3 itunes January 30, 2007  -  Adam, Eve, and Sexism
The myth of Adam and Eve created the image that women are subordinate to men. Rabbi Barr comments on this, while discussing why one young woman decided not to become a rabbi.

mp3 itunes January 23, 2007  -  The Shabbat Dilemma
Rabbi Barr comments on one of contemporary Judaism silliest dilemmas - Should Jewish Community Centers around the country be open on Shabbat Morning?

mp3 itunes January 16, 2007  -  Martin Luther King, Religion, and America
Rabbi Barr examines Dr. King's most famous speech - I Have a Dream - and discovers that there is more we have to learn, particularly about religion and America.

mp3 itunes January 9, 2007  -  Intelligent Design Proponents -
What Do They Really Want?

Rabbi Barr comments on the recent election of Susan Haverkos, a supporter of intelligent design, to the Ohio State School Board.

mp3 itunes January 2, 2007  -  Ellison, Prager, and the Koran
Robert Barr reflects on the reaction of some to the election of Keith Ellison, a Muslim, to the House of Representatives.

mp3 itunes December 26, 2006  -  Winter Storm Emergency
With winter storms raging across the US and Cincinnati having had its first snow of the year - Rabbi Barr has some thoughts about winter storms and school closings.

mp3 itunes December 19, 2006  -  Car Sales and the Bible.
Rabbi Barr reflects on a letter that recently crossed his desk.

mp3 itunes

December 12, 2006  -  The times, they are a changing.
Rabbi Barr discusses two seemingly unrelated events that occurred Wednesday December 6th which reveal changes in the way gays and lesbians are being treated in society today.

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