Old Judaism to Bold Judaism

Barr’s Banter 2017

It’s A Wonderful Life

Rabbi Barr talks about an all-time classic – It’s A Wonderful Life.

A Great Miracle Happened

Rabbi Barr reflects on the myth of the oil.

Giving Tuesday

Rabbi Barr talks about the value of Giving Tuesday.

Thanksgiving is Around the Corner

Thanksgiving is Around the Corner.

Another Mass Shooting

Rabbi Barr speaks about the mass shooting at a church in Texas.

Candy and Sleep: What Could be Better?

Rabbi Barr reflects on the joys of Halloween candy and Daylight Savings Time.

On Which Side Do I Stand

Rabbi Barr, in his Yom Kippur Evening Sermon, explores the nature of character and our willingness to stand up for justice.

A Piece of My Mind

Rabbi Barr talks about his brother’s one man show — A Piece of My Mind.

Jews Will Not Replace Us

In his Rosh Hashanah Evening Sermon, Rabbi Barr talks about his DNA, identity and anti-semitism.
Beth Adam