Barr's Banter

God, Disneyworld, and the SuperBowl

Coach Tony Dungy’s comments following this year’s SuperBowl reminded Rabbi Barr of a phone call he received many years ago.

Valentine’s Day and the Jewish Child

With February 14th rapidly approaching, Rabbi Barr felt compelled to answer the question that plagues many Jewish parents at this time of year – Is it ok for my children to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Adam, Eve, and Sexism

The myth of Adam and Eve created the image that women are subordinate to men. Rabbi Barr comments on this, while discussing why one young woman decided not to become a rabbi.

Ellison, Prager, and the Koran

Robert Barr reflects on the reaction of some to the election of Keith Ellison, a Muslim, to the House of Representatives.

The Shabbat Dilemma

Rabbi Barr comments on one of contemporary Judaism silliest dilemmas – Should Jewish Community Centers around the country be open on Shabbat Morning?

Intelligent Design Proponents – What Do They Really Want?

Rabbi Barr comments on the recent election of Susan Haverkos, a supporter of intelligent design, to the Ohio State School Board.

Winter Storm Emergency

With winter storms raging across the US and Cincinnati having had its first snow of the year – Rabbi Barr has some thoughts about winter storms and school closings.

The times, they are a changing

Rabbi Barr discusses two seemingly unrelated events that occurred Wednesday December 6th which reveal changes in the way gays and lesbians are being treated in society today.

Car Sales and the Bible