Barr's Banter

Don’t Dedicate That Menorah

Rabbi Barr declined an invitation to dedicate a menorah at City Hall.  Hear Why!

Thanksgiving: In the Shadow of Another Mass Shooting
Why Haven’t We Encountered Alien Life

Rabbi Barr talks about a recent paper the posits why we’ve never encountered alien life.

The Winning Lottery Ticket
The Scariest Holiday

Rabbi Barr notes that there is a holiday far scarier than Halloween – Election Day.

From Sodom to the Supreme Court

Listen to Rabbi Barr’s Yom Kippur Morning Sermon where he connects the Biblical legend of Lot offering his daughter’s to be raped to the repeal of Roe.

Retirement Announcement

Rabbi Barr reads the letter he sent to the congregation about his plans to retire June 30, 2025

Back In Person After 3 Years

Rabbi Barr talks about returning to in person High Holiday Services after 3 years.